KGR Plumbing is a trusted commercial plumbing re-pipe expert with over 22 years in the plumbing industry throughout Central Florida with the experience and expertise of thousands of re-piping projects we are ready to meet all of your plumbing re-piping needs from small to large scale projects from single and multi-family dwellings, apartments, condominiums, mixed-use buildings, student housing, age restricted housing, educational institutions, commercial buildings, corporate offices, high rises, low rises, medical buildings, warehouses, industrial facilities and more.

KGR Plumbing offers our clients cost reducing results while assuring satisfaction. We provide a deadline oriented work flow while maintaining efficient project management and ethical practices and policies. Our clients appreciate our sense of urgency, detail oriented workmanship, and high level of quality and thoroughness.

KGR Plumbing offers re-piping services that are second to none. KGR Plumbing will immediately diagnosis and quickly fix the problem. We pride ourselves on understanding the urgency our customers depend on. With our honest and trusted reputation, we make recommendations to re-pipe only what is necessary. When it comes time to upgrade your home or building’s outdated piping there are many options, we provide that are both cost effective for the present and will continue to deliver money saving results for the long run.

KGR Plumbing provides fabrication, engineering, construction and reprotection services for industrial manufacturing facilities. Every project is unique in its needs and we realize the high level of understanding needed to provide theses specialized services.

KGR Plumbing utilizes water conservation techniques that will save you money and help reduce wasteful tendencies of legacy plumbing systems still in most buildings. We utilize the industry’s most up-to-date and environmentally friendly re-piping solutions. With our upgraded systems, our clients enjoy reduced costs and less waste.

Backflow failures can contaminate an otherwise clean water supply. Sprinkler systems, swimming pools and even water heaters can push contaminated water back into your clean water systems. KGR Plumbing is a premiere provider of backflow testing and repair.

We are committed to being Central Florida’s plumbing industry’s highest standard. All our staff members undergo weekly training, including customer service representatives, technicians, salespeople, and others, so your interactions with our team are always remarkable. Get started today by requesting a free estimate and learn how we can help you find the best solution for your re-piping needs.

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KGR Plumbing offers Central Florida the best re-piping services at an unbeatable price. We are equipped to handle virtually any re-piping issue and we always work hard to ensure you never pay more than necessary.

If you are interested in re-piping your home or building, please call us today!

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