Single Family Home Plumbing Experts

Our history with large and small scale single family new home builders and the related plumbing projects is legendary in Central Florida. We have worked on thousands of new single home projects with multiple large and small new home builders. Because we use our own company developed management system, our detailed quality inspection service delivers quality your clients love for years to come. For over 22 years we have kept your home buyers happy, which means an enhanced reputation for you among the home buying community.

The American Dream

A pillar of the American dream is home ownership. Kitchens and baths are a cornerstone of a beautiful home. KGR Plumbers is the go to plumbing contractor for new home builders in Central Florida because we work tirelessly to not miss deadlines.


Plumbing, by necessity, requires assembling numerous different types of fittings and pipe to ensure its smooth and efficient operation. KGR Plumbing maintains a large prefabrication facility in our new warehouse. We custom design the system to be installed to maximize the use of these facilities. In our shop we assemble sections of pipe, fittings, and valves under controlled conditions, maximizing both quality and labor productivity. Assembled sections are stored until needed and delivered to job sites as the building is erected. Less time is required in the field, and quality significantly improves it is simply easier to do the job right when the materials are on a work table rather than ten feet in the air.

Home Buyer Upgrades

We understand homebuilders offer numerous upgrades and options to their customers, enabling buyers to customize their purchase to meet their own needs and budgets. On many projects dozens of upgrades are offered for plumbing alone from simple upgraded faucets to entire bathrooms. Because of the many combinations of product availability to the home buyer, many plumbing contractors have difficulty ensuring the right item is properly ordered, delivered, and installed on a timely basis.

KGR Plumbing uses customized software developed in-house to track all home buyer upgrades. At the beginning of each project, every available option is entered in our master database. Separately, each home is added to this database as it is released for construction. Adding an upgrade to a home under construction requires only a click of a mouse; the software automatically generates the communication needed to purchasing, field operations and accounting to ensure timely and accurate installation of the upgrade.

Prepackage Per Plan

Finish items such as faucets, valves and trim are expensive, subject to theft and frequently need long lead times for delivery. Further, home buyer upgrades require different types of fixtures at each home, allowing for errors in installation if such upgrades are not properly tracked.

KGR Plumbing has all such items delivered to our warehouse ahead of time to ensure they will be available for installation on a timely basis. Using information from our customized software, the finish items are boxed together and delivered to the job site just in time for installation. Each box is labeled for each specific lot and includes other items such as tubes of caulk and any final items of trim to enable our field plumber to complete its installation without any need to locate additional materials. This procedure allows for customization of all homes on a job site, minimizes the risk of break-ins and theft, reduces delays caused by vendor lead times, and decreases labor time at the job site all of which simply enable you to deliver a home to your buyer more quickly.

Experts In Our Field

Installing plumbing in single and multifamily dwellings is a science, and we are a leader in our field. A lot of builders specialize in one form of multifamily dwelling or another we handle all of them: Single Family, Apartments, Condominiums, Mixed Use, Student Housing and Age Restricted. If you are looking for a plumbing partner for a large building project in Central Florida, we are your team!

Trained Employees

KGR Plumbing has been a leader in the industry in training its employees for over 22 years. From our newest apprentice to our seasoned skilled craftsmen, we ensure all employees receive training and certifications in all aspects of the pipe trades. We participate in state-certified apprentice programs, run in-house programs to keep our foremen up-to-date, and warrant that all necessary certifications are received from manufacturers before our employees work on their products. In short, when our plumber shows up on your project, you will know he possesses the job skills to perform his assigned duties.

Model Walk Through

Every single project that KGR Plumbing undertakes begins with a walk through of a production model. The entire project team the estimator, foreman, designer, and superintendent for the project are all present. There is a thorough review of the design, all materials, and the installation process to make sure that all aspects of the project are within our quality standards. If not, we make adjustments to bring them up to our standards. This walk through enables us to identify time saving changes on production homes, update drawings to match actual execution and to update the bid to match any and all changes needed. Call us today and find out how our project management team can help you give your clients the best product on the market and enhance your reputation with the buying community as a whole.

Central Florida’s New Single And Multi-Family Home Construction Plumbing Leader

KGR Plumbing has been delivering high quality plumbing solutions for new single and multi-family home builders since 1998. We work with dozens of general contractors and new single and multi-family builders every year and look forward to joining your team as well. With KGR Plumbing you can rest assured we have the experience to deliver quality results on your project.

We specialize in new single and multi-family dwellings including apartments, condominiums, mixed-use buildings, student housing, age restricted housing and more. Our multi dwelling plumbing solutions include specialty designs for walk in tub systems, full multi stall bathrooms, unisex and family bathrooms, service kitchens, large scale laundry rooms and more.


Apartments are one of the largest housing markets in the United States, recent studies confirm 20% of all families live in a multifamily housing unit with the majority being apartments. The need for plumbing in apartment complexes is two-fold. The need for individual units to have bathrooms and kitchen, also a need for community pool, exercise facility with multi-stall bathroom and shower facilities, entertaining areas with drinking fountains or even wet bar areas.


Condominiums often share much of the same need as apartment builds. These units, although individually owned, share community property including such items as pools and recreation areas. In addition, they are also often owned by seniors or upscale professional who like specific high-end fixtures in their kitchens and baths. We do high-end condo plumbing, so your clients get everything they want. Our talented and skilled crafts people make sure details shine and your clients are blown away by high-end fixtures and quality craftsmanship.


Trending now in multifamily living is mixed-use community where everything is built into one area, commercial buildings, retail spaces, entertainment areas and cultural meeting spaces. These areas can often be seen as self-sustaining communities or cities within a city. We’ve worked on many of these projects and installed everything from large recirculating fountains to individual spas in the design. Everything is double checked to make sure we deliver the highest quality.

Student Housing

College living has undergone a huge transformation over the last 15 years. Where there used to be on campus dorms and extremely basic off campus units, now there is a whole move toward luxury amenities. Students of today want more than a place, they want an experience. Most of these new developments have things like spas, fitness centers, huge recreation rooms and even upscale eateries right on the premises. We deliver student housing plumbing solutions guaranteed to have your complex at the top of the list and keep it there.

Age Restricted

In the age restricted communities popping up all over Central Florida, community is the main focus. Safety conscious plumbing like walk-in tubs, is the focus but also is fully functional community centers with community sized kitchens. We have extensive experience delivering safety conscious, yet functional and aesthetically pleasing high-end solutions to your clients. Our attention to detail is uncompromising and is the reason over 80% of all of our clients use us again!

We have worked on projects throughout all of these classes and we are fully versed in building codes and ordinances governing them.

You will not find a more complete partner in Central Florida’s plumbing industry. Call us today.

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